Guitar Ensemble "CON SALERO"

High quality guitar repertoire, good, active and very motivated amateur players of all ages, taking pleasure in working on musical details, four or five stressful but relaxed but busy – you know! - rehearsal weekends per project, and finishing up with concerts, characterised by fine playing and the joy of making music together – that’s what Con Salero is all about. The name is Spanish for “with gracefulness”. 

Since its musical debut in May 2002, Con Salero has been performing works from the Renaissance till today in a programme which changes annually. Apart from their own concerts with guitars or sometimes with other instruments Con Salero has received a very positive reaction to its offerings of guitar music and poetry.

Guitar and Poetry

The enthusiastic lover of poetry, hobby actor and choral singer Oskar Mürell has been appearing with Con Salero since the beginning of 2004. Mürell’s offerings range from the provocative to the humorous and even mime; they almost always reach both the heart and the mind. 

Mürell recites texts of carefully chosen German poets from across the centuries – sometimes funny, sometimes serious or challenging. Music and poetry alternate and combine, and it is a special delight to experience how the two forms complement and illuminate each other. The listener is offered an exciting interplay of word and music.

This unusual and interesting combination is always well received and was presented at Eurofestival Zupfmusik in Bamberg in 2006.